A bit about... whatever's on my mind. ;)

A bit about... whatever's on my mind.  ;)
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Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July Pie (#3)

For the 4th Of July I decided to do something a bit patriotic and fun. I had seen a flag pie on Pinterest and was just living to try it!
So, I pitted some more cherries and bought some blueberries! I was all out of butter so I used margarine- big mistake.. it worked, but butter tastes soo much better!
I made one bowl of cherry filling and one bowl of blueberry filling. Then I spooned them onto the crust to look like the flag we all know and love..

The Blueberries are snuggled up against one corner and Cherries spread through out the rest.
Next, I cut out stars and stripes for the top crust.
Here I am Putting my Stars and Stripes on.
Then Wallah!:
A Pie Flag!
Now this time I used Tapioca to help my filling out a bit.  If you read my past blog you know I was having problems getting my fresh fruit fillings to set up.  My fillings were always coming out watery.  Well, I didn't like how the tapioca turned out.  Although it did set up much nicer with the Tapioca.. its texture was much to tapioca-ey for me.  And although I do love Tapioca pudding.. I found out I totally do not like Tapioca pie!   - I was looking for an easy way out.. yeah,.. never a good idea.  Now I know, I am definitely cooking my fillings half way on the stove top, before putting them in my crusts.
If you look close you can see the Tapioca.
  My Mother and Father were having a little Independence Day get together, so I brought over my pie. And although it didn't have butter in it and was tapioca-ey, I got tons of compliments and had two pieces myself. mmm good! - I really need to make time for exercise now that I've taken on this Pie Challenge. lol