A bit about... whatever's on my mind. ;)

A bit about... whatever's on my mind.  ;)
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Friday, October 10, 2014

Wisdom drop

According to Breanna today..


It's interesting how someone can come into your life and create a void. Your fine before. Then here is this person and you all of a sudden have expectations for them, that they aren't fulfilling. So a hole inside you forms.  

I think this is why you can feel even more alone with someone, then you ever can without.  We create our own loneliness through our expectations. 

So how do we stop this void, this hole, this feeling of loneliness?

Should you just let go of all your expectations.  -I say No, some expectations you need to take care of yourself.  To set healthy boundaries and limits. Though there are expectations you need to let go of: the false ideas, negative beliefs, unhealthy limitations..  -Other times, it is the person you need to let go of and say goodbye to.  -And sometimes it's both. 

So how do you know?

I suggest:

1) That you talk to yourself to figure out if it's just your expectations or the person or both. Ask yourself questions.  If your not sure what to ask, I suggest seeing a "clean language" facilitator.  They can really help you realize what you want and if your expectations are right for you.  

2) Be kind to yourself, stand up for yourself, and care for you.   

3) Don't act rash, be certain in your findings.  And then act with a plan. You'll know when it's right, you won't sway, ..you'll stand taller.   -whether you just need to regroup or say your goodbyes.  

And if you must say goodbye, it will be for healthy reasons, not confusion and frustration.  You will be clear.  And able to articulate it.

Best of wishes in this journey!
May you align yourself so the cosmos can be ever in your favor!

Sometimes the persons a dog. Other times it's how you're playing the game, - that makes them appear that way.  At times you both may just need to go over the rules.  -And sometimes, they're a dog and you've been a bad gambler.  😉