A bit about... whatever's on my mind. ;)

A bit about... whatever's on my mind.  ;)
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Monday, September 21, 2009


Pronunciation: \-ˌrē-ə-ˈlis-tik also -ˌ-\
Function: adjective
Date: 1925
1 : of or relating to surrealism
2 : having a strange dreamlike atmosphere or quality like that of a surrealist painting
sur·re·al·is·ti·cal·ly \-ti-k(ə-)\ adverb

I wanted to give everyone a brief update on my life, And well this one word "surrealistic" pretty much sums up the past few weeks for me. I could just leave you with this one word. ;) But for those who will not be satisfied with one word and well, just so I can continue to jot down my life a bit.. I'm not going to. -Leave you with one word that is. Nope.. because well I have many words to describe what I meant by this one word; Surrealistic.

To start it off. I get to take ALLERGY SHOTS now.. TWO, TWICE a WEEK for the next THREE to FIVE YEARS!
For a long time now I have always said that I am Allergic to New Mexico. Well Guess what? I AM! LOL! And I have the paperwork to prove it! Went to an Allergist specialist in Albuquerque. Where they pricked me more then 70 times.. Then I got stabbed with the stinkin needles 10 times then got really stabbed when they drew my blood. ;) And well the results came back!
The doctor walked in and said.. "Well basically you are allergic to the dirt and everything that grows in it!" LOL! Yeah, just stick me in the bubble! :) -No animals or Food came up though.. But I still think I am slightly allergic to grapes.. I mean they make my tongue itch! And well Cats didn't come up ither.. but I know I am allergic to them. Every time I am near one my eyes start to feel itchy and puffy, and my nose all runny.
Anyhow though, these shots are suppose to basically immune me of the sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, rashes I get when exposed to well.. Dirt, Trees, Weeds, Flowers, and Grasses. And I mean they had better work.. That's like over 800 Shots!

(Princess House ware)
As most of you should know, I am a Princess House Lifestlye Consultant, on the side. Just to earn a tad bit extra cash.
Since this summer we have needed it to be a bit more than just a tad bit. -With setting up our new home and all the extras that comes with that. -We needed some more dough! $$
So I decided to try and spread the word with a booth at the San Jaun County Fair. -Kinda jump start the biz a bit! :)

(my booth)
Had a blast, made new friends and was a great break from the daily routines of being a Full time Homemaker. The hours were a bit long though, but met so many people and got hundreds of numbers to contact. :)
So I thought "All-right! This is gonna work!"- Huh, think again.
It just wasn't enough to get a full time biz going.. with a steady income!- Which well, is what we need now. So I walked around all sad for a few days debating what to do.. I so did not want to join the work force.. and leave my babies at home! But we needed the steady cash. Finally I was forced to make up my mind. I had no choice really.. I had to Get a job!
But where do I start? I haven't had a job in like 8 years! I don't have any college... and I don't want to work at McDonald's.. and with the economy.. How in the world was I to find a job. And what about my kids??!! What was I going to do with my Boys, while I was at work?!! aAAHHH!
So I decided to start trying at least to find a job I would like.. so What do I like? I have always loved photography. But well I have no real experience, but was like "what the heck" and I doubtingly called up Sears Portrait Studio (the first studio I thought I wouldn't mind working for), and they said they were hiring! Surprised I filled out an application.
Had an interview shortly after that and then shortly after that, started work! :) Yep I was hired! I had a job! WOW! In my opinion this is far more than luck! -I mean this is a dream job for me, I get to work doing something I have always been interested in. And I didn't need any experience. They are completely training me!

So I have been a Sears Photographer for two weeks now! Had one heck of a crazy start out. They left me alone because of family emergency's on my 4th day! -I mean I wasn't even really into my training. It was CRAZY and I had an evil customer and a melt down that night when I got home. But am doing great! I mean my manager just informed me that my numbers are better than hers and well I am getting a raise and taken out to dinner! - Now how about that! ;) Only two weeks on the job and already a raise -and taken out! Pretty darn good if I don't say so myself! ;)

As for my children luckily enough Nathan and my mom have been able to juggle them. I don't like this, because.. well, I miss them! But am glad my children are with their Dad and Grandma!

Okay now on to the next craziness. During the summer all us kids were informed that our Dad has Cancer and its a pretty progressive cancer. He has had two surgeries since, to remove as much as they could and right now is going through radiation treatments. So that's put a lot of worried stress on us.

And if all this isn't enough to explain my feelings of surrealism.- With $$ issues, dream jobs and health issues. There has just been so much family drama happenings. I won't get into all that though.

There is another highlight! Over the past few weeks I have been reunited with friends from my past!

Cherise is one!- Here is a page from my scrapbook- I was a sophomore I think. These are pictures from our trip to the Grand Canyon- lol- I never saw it though... I got sick and spent my time at the motel throwing up. Even with all that, I still had a blast though! It was always fun when Cherise was around!
Remember our Dance moves we made up? I still do! lol!!
And you ditching and coming to my classes.
Hey I found some of your drawings! Do you still Draw? Oh, and having tons of clothes to change into stuffed in our lockers. And those annoyingly fun bus rides!
So glad you came to pick up your Grandma! And that Amber helped us all get together! Thanks Amb!!!
:) *oh smiles*
And then there is Sara Young- not Young now though. :) Couldn't find any pics of us! I know I have one somewhere. -She was my Church buddy!!! So glad you came to Sears to get pics taken!! I look forward to getting together with you! I am so glad for Facebook! What a blessing it is.. and a waste of time.. But what a blessing it is! I mean it is so much fun and so easy now to contact all my buddies from forever! :)
Well there you have it! Why the word "Surrealistic" sums up my life right now!
Ya know, I thank God for all he does. He knows how much I can take and when to give me a pick me up! Just hope this dream phase gets a bit calmer. But hey until then the "We can do it!" girl will be my Motto.
Tschüß (bye)