A bit about... whatever's on my mind. ;)

A bit about... whatever's on my mind.  ;)
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Sunday, June 1, 2014


We've been:
Cleaning up the backyard, burning sticks, leaves, and last years Christmas Tree.
I've been:
Homeschooling the Will.  I am so happy with the progress he has been making this year! I am looking forward to continuing throughout the summer and having his brother join in on all of our, educational fun!  -And speaking of home-school, William wrote and illustrated his own book.. its so totally cute!  Here's a video of him talking about it at the Art and History Fair last month.  
I've also unfortunately or maybe fortunately, taken off the summer from collage.  Financial Aid suspended me for dropping out back in 2001 (yeah thats over 10 years ago) and I just don't have another way financially right now to continue.  So I have filed an appeal where I totally tooted my own horn about my rockin' grades!  Though I wont know anything about that for another three or so weeks.  I am hopeful though, so I have already signed up for the fall!  And to help get me through collage financially I am looking into other options...  I've been applying for scholarships and  hoping that I don't have to get a.. (ahhhh) student loan... which I really hope I don't have to!  No matter what though I am determined to finish!  -What can I say, I was just a dumb kid back in 01'.  -Thank the cosmos I've grown up a tad bit since then.
Here's a screen shot of the lovely e-mail they sent me just three days before I was to start summer classes.
 -Yep they gave me some pretty awesome notice there.  -I am thinking this is all for the best though, sure I am ending up graduating a whole year later then I had planned.  But I can take it a bit slower now and I can continue to home-school for a bit longer, a win win in our book!
I also recently chopped and dyed my hair!  So fun.. I love it.. and thinking I may go even shorter..
I have more free time now with no classes this summer, so I have been trying to make the most of it.. finishing up projects.  
 Only two to three more shoe boxes left of pictures to scrap book before I can go digital.. so excited!  That means I will be able to get rid of all my scrapin' stuff!  -Which will clear out a good section in the back family room.  
My kids have: 
shhhhhhh... its' a secret, but if you promise not to say a word.. THEY STARTED A BOYS ONLY CLUB!  - I've been hearing an awful lot lately about this SECRET club house their cousins and them are building.  They've made their own fishing poles, table, and chairs.  haha.. such little rascals!