A bit about... whatever's on my mind. ;)

A bit about... whatever's on my mind.  ;)
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Treasures

It was so exciting to unpack! And unpack everything! I haven't seen all my stuff... well it's been a little over a year. Since we left Germany. Most of everything was packed up in storage. Our rental was a little too small to fit all our belongings. I had forgotten what Treasures I had.
It has been even more fun going thru the memories of where, when, and how I got my treasures. Then getting to decorate with them, all my tourist trinkets and silly, wonderful memorabilias!
My house is getting all set up -as I find a place for things and things for places!
It is so much easier to clean and enjoy... I even think I am going to get chances to scrapbook, sew, journal, and sketch. Now that I have my own areas to do them in! -And the kids have their own play areas too. Life is good!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So I have been wanting to let several people know how much I appreciate them and to say a little Thanks.....

Thank-you so much all of you who remembered my Birthday this year. I had a crazy April! And have felt kinda out of the loop since I moved here. So thank-you! It was so nice to get flowers, taken out, and little notes! Plus I really needed that with the moving! SO Thank-YOU! And a special thanks to: Amber!, Kelly!, Georgia! (Thanks for cleaning with me on OUR Birthday! Your Awesome!) and Mom!

You know how I was so on nerve in April, because of the move... Well Thank-you all those who helped with it! I know I was a little insane at times! So Thanks for putting up with me. Coming over and helping paint, watching the kiddos (so I could do all the moving stuff), cleaning with me, and moving heavy loads of odds and ends. Thank-you! - Thank-you Sean, Fred, Georgia!, Kelly, Mom, Dad, and Victor. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank-you so much all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thanks for those still helping and going to help with putting on a porch, skirting, hanging up towel racks and such, graveling and painting more. THANK-YOU!!

NOW A Great big thanks.. To My kiddos and especially My Husband Nathan... For Making this the best Mothers Day Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got to sleep in... well for having a two year old sleep in, breakfast in bed (With my favorite, Almond Poppy seed muffins!), Gorgeous flowers, a really cute card, cute little stuffed bear and a cd (I have been curious about)! But especially thank you for loving me and caring about my happiness, Nathan. : )

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our Home is coming along

The foundation.. before the trailor went on. I need to take a pic of the outside again- how it looks with our home on it. Will do.
Kitchen. Before Paint job. (UGLY) How would I cook in that! : )
aah, Now I can cook! I am going to install redish orange curtains and get a matching rug and wash cloths.. :) Oh and I unpacked so it looks so good with all my cooking gadgets and decore! Maybe I will have to take another pic or You all can just come over and see for yourselves.. I'd perfer the later.. Much more fun!
Master Bedroom before..(this is such a bad pic.. its really not this small)
The Process!
Will was so excited to help out... Luckily no major disasters!
Just a spot.. I actually did.. I split the paint. lol-
Almost done.. I need to take more pics!
It's fab now!
And here is a view of what we drive by every day. There are ducks and geese of all sorts! and we have access to a canoe... the kids and us just love it! Makes for great walks and this summer great picnics! The ponds already getting greener now that Spring is ending and summer starting up!

Busy April

I am sure some of you have wondered... where I have been. Well busy. I mean, we moved! And it was the most busy move I have ever made. The month of April was insane! We would wake up and start the day about 6 am and never seemed to make it to bed till after 10- with no naps (for me) in between.. and hardly any breathing time!... Thank goodness life has slowed down and we are now settling in!- Or I might have had a major break down.. like life threatening! Not my own life.. but those around me! I was starting to get pretty on edge!
I know 6am isn't that early for some, I myself, usually wake up about 6:30 anyway (thanks to my little one). But don't just start my day.. I stay in P.J's a lot till about 10am.. and all thru out the day have breaks off and on .. where I actually get to sit down and just relax! Not in April.. I seriously went with no stops in between... Even a couple Sundays we had to work, to get things done.
I could hardly sit still, once we got the chance! Here's a small peek at all we had to do- Set up a piece of land, get the trailor over here and put it all together. And then have people come fix walls, fix plumbing, the ac, etc.... Then paint, paint and more painting! Installing new knobs. Packing, moving stuff, getting rid of stuff with a yard sale and then un-packing. Cleaning and Cleaning! And of course we couldn't take off work all month! So we worked too and as soon as were done... went back to work! :) There is so much more.. I would take up way too much space and your reading time with all the details of going back and forth to Home Depot and such though. And I don't want to recall it all!

I am so glad that is over!!! I love April.. I mean I was born that month! But I feel so refreshed now that it is May. Especially since moving wasn't the only problem! I tried some new skin stuff that month as well (skinid)....which well made me break out in a rash all over!!! ERRR! After going thru there.. "Oh your skin is just getting use to it" crap! I threw it all away of course! And well, called the company and complained! I am now finally finding relief with Mary Kay. My skin so loves Mary Kay. As do I!!
Plus you know.. family isn't family with out some drama. - which well that hasn't stopped. And well we still are not done setting up the place. But I am at a point where I can feel moved in! And work at a much slower pace... Especially since we kinda ran out of money.. and have to build it back up a bit, to do anymore... like put in a yard, some front steps, a fence.. etc.... As for now.. I can breath!!!!

Next blog... pics!