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A bit about... whatever's on my mind.  ;)
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Looking Back on 2011

 As you probably have noticed.. This will be my first post in over six months, Lol.  Well 2011 turned into a very busy year.. I’m hoping 2012 will be a little better for blogging.  Though who knows: I’m forcing myself to blog now, while my dishes sit in the sink, the kids run a muck, and the dirt seeps deeper into my carpets. -Also, I never got a chance to do Christmas cards this year.. In fact I had forgot such a thing existed.. Till they started pouring into the mail box. : ) So please forgive me, but this is my Christmas letter/card/blog.. Of 2011! : )  Like I said, hopefully things will go a bit more smoothly in 2012!
Okay! So 2011 though busy, was plum full of memories!! Good ones.. And well some, that it will be fine if I forget. I'll leave those ones out of this though..
To start off;  Josh and I got to experience some firsts together.. including Birthday’s.. Which, though crazy.. Looking back.. -We totally know how to give awesome Birthdays!! I had a gift and indoor picture scavenger hunt for his.. And well, afterwards got to learn that my husband.. Though not into sports.. Totally has a competitive side! Trying to UP me,.. He way over planned mine!!.. I got to pretend I was Indiana Jones, clues, puzzles, and digging in dirt.. A real live treasure hunt.. Complete with trilogy! ; )
Speaking of Birthdays.. William got his very 1st Birthday Party!.. Halloween Style!
his party group!
And I can not Believe my Baby is 5!! I finally got around to painting his room!  ....William, well, his is getting closer.. got the dragon wall finished..
Richard and his Mo Hawk he sported around most the year!

Richard's Room!
more of Richard's room

Will's Room!
Other Happenings of 2011: I got to go to Roswell to see my Sister Raylinn and watch one of my favorite girls graduate!

-My Sister Angela moved in next door and the kids have just had a blast now that they have cousins their age to play with all the time!
camping in the backyard with cousins and Daddy Josh!

Here's a picture of The Palmer Clan here now:
Angela, Andy, my Mom holding Richard, my Dad holding James, me with Will and the Georgia Dog, and Josh!

Besides my sister moving home, my cousin Sammi moved into town as well! - I've enjoyed having a cousin closer too!
Me, Sammi, and Ang for Halloween!
 Oh, and we took a picnic and the Jeep.. did I mention Josh got rid of his Pontiac and got a Jeep!- That was the highlight of most of the Summer.. I should add.. he is a bit obsessed with it!  But it's been fun! - We went up to Silverton for our Anniversary! Best Anniversary Ever!! - yes I know its our 1st.- but still it was the best! 
a great shot I got of Josh that day!
 I got to meet "The Parents" this summer and quite a bit of the rest of the family for Thanksgiving! I love them!! Wyoming isn't so bad of a place either.  I liked it! Richard really enjoyed all the Trains in the town too!  -This whole being married to Josh.. Is working out pretty well.. I'd say. ; ) The in-laws don't hate me,.. yet.
Oh and I got MY RING!! THANK-YOU JOSH!  I found it in a roll on my plate on Thanksgiving Day!
As for the rest of the year...We had a Palmer Reunion, fun to see the cousins, and Aunts and Uncles.. Hadn't seen so many of them in years!  We really need to do that more often!
oh, Josh and I teach Primary at church and really have enjoyed that, got classes switched on us at the end though.. which was hard, we'd become quite attached to the one group.. but our learning to love these kiddos too- not hard since one of them is ours (William).  : ) 
Christmas was wonderful!! We got a real tree this year, which filled our house with the wonderful smell of pine.  Kids got spoiled, Santa came to us all, it's been a good year!.. Just busy busy. Now that I quit my job at Sears you'd think I would have more time.. Definitely has not been the case!  Somehow I seem to have less time... not sure exactly how this has worked??  But I am soo soo soo loving being a full time Mommy again!

Well it seems as its bed time now.. lol, I had better get off. .and see what damage has been done while I've been glued to my laptop screen... took me a long time today to figure this whole blogging thing out again.. so much as changed since I last was on this site.  But now that I've got it figured out.. I should be doing this more often.. Hopefully.

Merry Christmas everyone!!  And hope your year was filled with just as nice memories as ours has been and that the New Year will be everything you want it to be!!   Happy New Year!!