A bit about... whatever's on my mind. ;)

A bit about... whatever's on my mind.  ;)
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Friday, June 29, 2012

Gettin' my pie on!

Well what an awesome day to make a pie!   Josh (my Man) has been gone a couple days for biz.  Today he got home!  And he got to come home to a home made, very yummy pie!  He had been begging for a cherry one!  And I thought that sounded pretty good for this week!  So before he left, he went and picked up a couple bags of fresh and very yummy Cherries!  mmm-mmm good!
For a pie you need pitted cherries however... you don't want to bite into a bunch of hard pits!
 Have you ever pitted cherries??  I never had till this week.  I was thinking it was going to be just plan awful!  But turns out its not too bad of a chore.  I didn't have a cherry pitter.  So I used a paper clip!  I pulled out the stems, then stuck in the round part of the un-bent paper clip.  I could feel it hit the pit, then I would twist, pull and pop it out!  Easy!

 But my fingers did turn a pit purple from that yummy syrup that they tend to leak out all over! Kind of a messy job.  However is makes for finger-licken goodness!!  I wouldn't wear a white shirt while doing this though.  Or put it on anything that you don't want stained in a lovely shade of pinkish purplish!  -I did mine on my table, and wiped it clean as soon as I was done.. no stains!  Yay!!
I needed 5 1/2 cups of them and this does take a bit of time. But thanks to my nephew Taden, who just happened to pop in, it only took a few minutes!

The pie its self, was extremely easy to make!  Cutting out cute little shapes in the pie crust and then moving it over to the filling.. Was not!  my cut out star shapes, I'm afraid to say, don't look anything like little stars.  But, I was able to place the cut out pieces of stars on top.. kinda making it acceptable.. cute enough anyways.
Very patriotic of me, don't you think so?  : )
 If anyone has any advice for me on doing cut outs.. please comment!  I need Help!!
My honey came home and made some whipped cream!  Very Yummy!!
But I have run into another problem.  So, when ever I have made a pie with fresh fruit- it comes out all runny, watery even.  I just finished google-ing it and came up with either cooking the filling half way, and then adding it in or putting in tapioca starch.  Any insight on this would be very much appreciated!  As I really want to become a Master Pie Baker!  : )

Well, now that I have baked a couple of pies, I must say, I am just loving it! I look forward to it! And I can't wait to bake my next one!  -My family and friends can't wait too ...I have some group baking in my future!  Got a good sized list of pies to make and looks to be a very fun filled summer, all thanks to Pies!!