A bit about... whatever's on my mind. ;)

A bit about... whatever's on my mind.  ;)
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Friday, April 2, 2010


First Off, you need the proper music to read this with. So please click play on the youtube video below. ;)

Okay now we can start.... (I know, I know.. I'm a dork! lol! ;) )
LASIK! - Yes that's right.. I had my eyes cut opened, cut up, and lasered! :) And it was great! Didn't feel a thing.. hardly. I mean I did feel something touching my eyes.. it was all good though. Pretty painless! Cost a bundle though!.. But totally worth it!
I did have one problem though... On my right eye.. the small flap of skin, (or whatever they cut around and lift up) well it didn't lay back down flat. So they had to push it down the next morning and put this clear contact band-aid thing on that eye...so that eye was in a bit of pain off and on.. but thanks to the numbing drops it was all totally doable!
I could see 15 with my left eye when I left the building! And things were just getting clearer as the minutes went by! But my right eye not so good.. I had a band-aid on it though.. so it was a bit blurry.. it isn't coming out as clear as the left eye though.. but I can see! Came out far better than its ever been! There still is some swelling going on though, in that eye. So hopefully when that all goes away, my vision will be clear! And well.. if its not, most likely they will do a Totally FREE enhancement on that one.. so it will all be CLEAR! -It's already so clear though!.. I can't believe I'm not wearing contacts.
So far each night.. I feel like.. I can't go to bed.. because I can see.. I keep thinking I forgot to take my contacts out.. but then I remember.. wait I don't have contacts!!! A feeling of total ecstaticness comes over me And then.. my eyes get all watery! I am just so grateful, this is such a blessing..its a miracle!!! For the first time in my life I can SEE! Really SEE! See the fine print even on the labels of my eye drops! At a arms length out distance! ITS AMAZING! So my right eye may not be perfect yet.. but it's pretty close!