A bit about... whatever's on my mind. ;)

A bit about... whatever's on my mind.  ;)
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

chicken pot PIE

I decided to sway a bit away from the fruit pies this week and try something a little less.. fruity. 
A Pot Pie!
I found a recipe I thought sounded worth trying on www.allrecipes.com, my favorite site, when it comes to cooking and baking! 
Here's the link to it, in case your interested: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/chicken-pot-pie-vi/detail.aspx 
And believe me you should be interested!  So easy to make.. Pretty much just like any pie!  Not anymore difficult than the other's I've made thus far.  Only thing is.. I had to double the baking time. besides that, I wouldn't change a thing!  This recipe is Wonderful!

Now for some pics:
Cooking my chicken in some very yummy seasoning!  I just love my Princess House cookware!
Me rolling out my pie crusts!
A look at the yummy filling, before I put the top crust on. : )
All done and ready to eat!!  - I forgot to put tinfoil around the edges while baking, so my crusts edges came out a little more brown than Id prefer.  : / oops!

Even my picky little eaters loved this one!!  Definately a winner!