A bit about... whatever's on my mind. ;)

A bit about... whatever's on my mind.  ;)
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Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm BACK and with a Pie Challenge!

Man has it been a long time!!  I can't even remember when I last got on here!
Well here I am!  I am back!!
I wonder if anyone missed me??
no matter.. I AM BACK!

So, when I first got married, - To the love of my life!  I made a bargain with him. If I quit my job to stay home, I would be a very adorable, sweet house wife-y!  I would do all those wonderful, old fashioned 50's picturesque things that house wives did.  And one of those things.. was that I would bake lots of pies!!
Well, since I quit my job a year ago, I have made, lets see..... um... maybe 2 pies.
Yeah-  OUCH!!  - My poor husband.. what a lazy not so 50's perfect house wife-y he has!   Well, NOT NO MORE!!  I have decided, this week- That has got to change!  I am taking on a pie Challenge!  I am going to bake one pie for every week of the summer!  -I totally can do this!!

I must add that my honey- is WAY happy about this!

Pie number one, I made today!   An Apple crisp pie!   It is baking in the oven right now and let me tell you.. it smells De-li-cious!   Can't wait to take a bite!
The recipe called for shortening, but with my newly found liver condition.. I thought it best to substitute it for real butter.. I sure hope it worked!
love my Pamper Chef Pastry Mat! 
Its a lot harder then it looks to move the dough from the mat to the pie pan!  Did not get it placed evenly.. so just cut some dough from one side and placed it on the other! 
Mmm cinnamon crumbly top!!  Can't wait to take a bite! - and yeah, I totally cheated, had some pre- homemade canned pie filling from the extended Cribbs family!  ; )
Just got out of the Oven!  And Looks like a Perfect retro Apple Pie!!

I'm so proud of myself! I made it completely from scratch (sorta)!  : p