A bit about... whatever's on my mind. ;)

A bit about... whatever's on my mind.  ;)
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Monday, March 2, 2009


I am so glad to finally be able to post this!! After months of searching, going to loan place after loan place, checking out all sorts of rentals, real estate, and Trailors..(all the options!) And being totally frustrated, excited then disappointed, discouraged, all of it!... we can finally say; we got it! We have been approved for a home!! I am even now a bit nervous to write this... we have had so many problems come up and I am just so scared.. this wont work out ither (Please keep us in your prayers. :) ) But when I saw the Sold sign on the Trailor, right after talking with the owner, who just congratulated us for getting it, well I can't help but be excited! - That's never happened before! My parents have gifted us some property to put it on.. and we are working on the foundation right now! So if all goes well.. we should be moved in by the first week of April! And I will finally be able to unpack everything!!!!!

Here's the layout of it.. Where it says BR#4- it is really a 2nd living room... Where going to make it a play area for the kids and us!

I'll post some pics as soon as I take them of our New Home and Land! I was way excited that most of it is tape and textured- like a real home! -Instead of the common wall paper you find in Trailors. Its a 2000 and has been totally renovated! I am very excited about that... the only problem no dish washer.. oh well, I guess I'll just be teaching William a new trick.. how to make a dirty dish clean!
You know I would really like to say thank-you to my Aunt Colleen and Uncle Al for letting us rent out their 2br home here in Bloomfield. It was truly a blessing for us! So Thank-you!
And you know for a long time since my parents offered us the land.. I have thought that this was the path we should choose... but fought it.. and well it only led to problems. Once we finally decided to go that direction.. things, well have been falling into place for us. It may not be where we wanted to be.. But we came back here to NM after a whole lot of prayer and contemplation.. and this is the path the Lord choose for us... I guess it was pretty silly of us to want to do it our way.. when after all it was the Lords business having us here. ---Lesson learned!
We had wanted to live in Aztec.. I have always liked that town the best out of this area.. and it would have been close enough to Nate's school and our families.. but also far enough away. :) Well now we will be living right behind my Parents and right beside my brother...lol And that's where we are suppose to be! :) Go figure! :)