A bit about... whatever's on my mind. ;)

A bit about... whatever's on my mind.  ;)
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jib jab explanation or My amazement with celebrity swooning...

Okay, for some odd reason I was thinking about this stuff and felt like explaining why Tom cruise is in my jib jab (if you haven't seen it yet.. just head down to the bottom of this page). :)
No, I don't swoon over him.. sure he's cute and is an actor in some pretty darn good movies.. but that's really all I know of him. I have never been the crushin kind.. ever! , Over somebody I do not or did not know personally. Yeah, sure I think many guys in the Hollywood (movies, music, pictures) scene are cute... even down right HOT. -BUT I just have never been able to comprehend all the girls,- women out there that kiss a guys picture good night.. A guy they have never even been in the same state with, never met before and most likely never will! I just don't get that. I mean I have even tried it.. just to see what it was I was missing.. I believe I was in 6th or 7th grade at the time and well after a week of staring at Devon Sawa's pictures and trying to day dream of us.. and feeling totally ridiculous and silly.. gave up on it all. -lol, I just wasn't getting what this was doing for my life. I mean I was pretty sure I was never going to meet this guy, so why prepare for it?.. and just cause I think hes cute.. and was in one romantic pre-teen Hollywood scene.. doesn't mean he will be all that in real life. For all I knew he was a stuck up bi psychopathic freak. Sure, I still respect you who day dream of your romantic dates with Brad. It is quite fascinating to me. I have never ditched or looked down at a friend for doing this... I mean almost every friend I have had has done this with some celebrity.
Perhaps I just don't have the imagination.. or perhaps I am just too much of a realist. Whatever the case- I love me!- and Yes, I laugh at the dreams some of you have. But I love you! I just don't get it. And yes we will still be friends.. well.. as long as your all not too offended by my un-understanding of this kind of strange emotional attachment. And yes Edward is a very nice guy.

( I thought some of you might like the pictures. ;) )

Now to get to the point- I meant to put my Dad in the jib jab.. and have all us daughters dancing around him. But I couldn't find a good picture with my Dad. I have several.. just no face forward, looking at the camera ones.. and well you kinda need that kind for a jib jab. So, I picked the first cutest face on the jib jab list, of faces.
Lol, I love how he looks so serious.. almost miserable - while all us girls around him look so giddy and happy.. lol. So I stuck with it. Hope you all enjoy!

ps- its just a jib jab.. its not real... no I have never met Tom Cruise.. lol -luv ya girls!