A bit about... whatever's on my mind. ;)

A bit about... whatever's on my mind.  ;)
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Monday, June 29, 2009


So while in Durango to see Thomas we also got to walk through a car show.

Now I don't pretend to know much about cars. In fact I out right admit that I know very little. All though I cant help but notice when a cars got curves and a good paint job! And I think most people that know me, know that I love to drive. And don't mind driving fast. Yes I miss those long no limit stretches on the Autobahn!
Here's a few of the cars that my eyes spotted while there. For many different reasons. (now keep in mind, its hard to take pics and try to keep your eyes and hands on two very active little boys.)

Ferrari- There were several of these, of course! This is the only one I seemed to snag a picture of.

The Back To The Future Car- DeLorean! Fun fun!

I love these types of classic, HOT ROD cars! - Yeah I have no idea the name of this one.

Fun gangster cars or Cruella De Vil cars. - Yeah again, no idea the names of these.

Okay- now this was my absolute favorite there!-- I know right?. It's a truck! But its a Periwinkle Truck and I could soo see myself driving this. Especially in the small hick type town that I currently live in!! :)

Now on to other cars that make me sweat!- These weren't there- I snagged the pics off the Internet.

Bugatti Veyron


And my Favorite since I spotted one in a parking lot my 9th grade year- THE BMW Z's- My personal favorite the Z3.

I miss all the fun European cars!-like this one-

I wish they sold these here. There so cute!

Now that I have a family though- these sporty little two seaters don't do the job- My next dream car is something like this- A crossover between mini vans and SUV's. Right now I like the look and feel of the Pacifica-

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Day Out With Thomas!

So my Dad, Fred, Sean, Taden and I took the kids to see Thomas in Durango. I have been hoping Thomas would come and visit ever since we moved back here last year. I heard about him coming while at Kids Fest a few weeks ago. And Since my Richard is like obsessed with Thomas.. I thought.. "there's no way were missing this!- We've been waiting for this for a while! Even if we don't get on to ride. Were going just to see him!" Luckily enough though, I have a father who is almost just as in love with Trains as my little ones... So we all got Tickets! : )- Thanks Dad!
Here's my overly excited William and my Dad! And here's Will and Rich waiting to see Thomas coming down the Tracks! - Poor kids, are tickets weren't till 1:45pm and we got to Durango at 10am! They were so good though. They went thru all the other Thomas attractions and walked Down Main street with us, while we waited and they anticipated their turn on Thomas! Let me tell you though- they were so ready to be on that train after we had lunch at noon... That they could hardly stand it! They did pretty good though.. No major fits.
Here he comes! : )
Will with Sean and Me with Rich!
on the Train!
William! and Richard!
They were so happy! It was just too cute! So glad we went!
It was a short ride- but well worth it with these two ones!
Although the Uncles and cuz- weren't so thrilled- I think they were bored out of their minds! Me and my Dad thought this was too funny- They look so pouty! - Nope they didn't want to ride Him. So sad! Poor them!
We had a blast though!
; )

Monday, June 15, 2009

My Must Have Princess House Items!

Isn't it funny how you seem to spend most of your paycheck at the exact same place that you got it from! I am a Princess House LifeStyle Consultant. And well this happens to me a lot! But it's not that big of a problem.. this stuff is top quality! And will last far past my life time! Its pretty enough for special occasions - but durable enough for everyday..
I wanted to post some of my favorites. Some I already own and some on my wish list!

This is going to be my Hot Coa Coa set!!!!
It is part of the Pavilion set. Can go in the Oven, Microwave, dishwasher, fridge.. its tuff stuff! And I love it!! Can't wait to get this one. And then on those cold winter days.. get it out!!
Love the Gravy boat.. Seems to be one of my top selling items only 21.95 and 18 0z. same as the Coa Coa set above.. Oven safe, etc..
The prize of the Princess House Collection- The Stainless Steel! Life time warranty! These last two are my favorite fun pieces. The first item is the Cleaner... Which if you happen to have Stainless Steel of any brand.. It's a must have.. Cleans like a wonder!!! None of those water spot tarnish looking things- it gets it all! So they look like brand new!! I absolutely love it!!!!! And its only $9.95 for 12 oz.. you can get it in powder or liquid! A little bit of this stuff goes a long way!!
The 2nd one is the griddle.. Perfect for pancakes.. and cookies. Oh did I mention its oven safe too.. and the lids have hand cut pretties! The 3rd one is the 6 qt deep dish.. I love it just because it is so pretty with its curves and has a rack inside- so all the fat juice pulls away from your meat.. so your meat doesn't end up all soggy with fat and then its easier to get out and clean up. lol- I love this stuff!
The Princess Heritage Cake Plate. Just for Hostess's! Isn't it pretty! Its hand blown and has hand cut designs in it-Plus its real crystal! So it gives all your yummies a little shine!

The Meridian Collection!
I almost have the whole thing! YAY! First off the Cookbook holder! I believe this is my number one seller! And I know why! Its a must have for the Kitchen! 2nd is the Banana Tree -Only $24.95 and Also a Kitchen must! Keeps your Bananas firm, fresh and bruise free! So they last longer! 3rdly the 2-tiered basket! It make my fruit look so pretty! I love to display my fruit in this!! All of the Meridian is lacor coated- so its easy to clean and very Sturdy!

My Favorite yummies!!! Princess House has a all natural Specialty Food section! And its delicious! This one seems to be every ones favorite! My husband gives me so many compliments when I add even the ittiest bit to the chicken! I love this stuff! It goes a long way and is very comparable to Specialty stores!
The Del Mar! This is the last Catalog for it! :( It is part of the Pavilion.. so the stoneware is microwave safe, etc.. - I just think its fun!!
I love love love love this stuff... Bamboo!!! And am so so so sad that this will be the last catalog for it! Thank Goodness I own it already! lol! The Bamboo oil is not only a must have. If you don't have it.. and you have Bamboo- its a necessity in keeping and maintaining the life of your Bamboo! Just a little bit of this stuff makes knife marks start disappearing and brings your Bamboo back to looking like new! Its only $9.95! for 8 fl oz.. So if you have Bamboo.. call me! You need to order this! You wont regret it! I promise!!
The Home Organizer Basket! Great for Paper plates and plastic utensils to go in! And makes things so easy with how handy and organized it is! It's wicker design goes with everything! Plus its not your ordinary fall apart in a week wicker.. It is wrapped around metal- which keeps it from breaking. I love it!!!
Well there you have it! My Princess House Fav's!
If you are interested or falling in love like I have.. Then go to my website at www.princesshouse.com/BHamson To view all products click on Our Catalog on the left hand side. To see right now's Specials click on Customer Specials.
I am trying to put a party in by this Friday. So orders are very much welcome!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Home Pic

Okay, Finally, Here is a pic of what my home looks like at the moment from the outside... I know its not much. We still have a lot of work ahead of us. Like the brick skirting we plan on doing this August or September. And Then next year we will do the Landscaping.. Grass, twisty side walk, actual cement steps and entry way, planting a Tree and some flowers.. you know the pretty stuff! While still finishing the inside all up- Which if I don't say so myself.. Is looking WAY Good!