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A bit about... whatever's on my mind.  ;)
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Monday, June 15, 2009

My Must Have Princess House Items!

Isn't it funny how you seem to spend most of your paycheck at the exact same place that you got it from! I am a Princess House LifeStyle Consultant. And well this happens to me a lot! But it's not that big of a problem.. this stuff is top quality! And will last far past my life time! Its pretty enough for special occasions - but durable enough for everyday..
I wanted to post some of my favorites. Some I already own and some on my wish list!

This is going to be my Hot Coa Coa set!!!!
It is part of the Pavilion set. Can go in the Oven, Microwave, dishwasher, fridge.. its tuff stuff! And I love it!! Can't wait to get this one. And then on those cold winter days.. get it out!!
Love the Gravy boat.. Seems to be one of my top selling items only 21.95 and 18 0z. same as the Coa Coa set above.. Oven safe, etc..
The prize of the Princess House Collection- The Stainless Steel! Life time warranty! These last two are my favorite fun pieces. The first item is the Cleaner... Which if you happen to have Stainless Steel of any brand.. It's a must have.. Cleans like a wonder!!! None of those water spot tarnish looking things- it gets it all! So they look like brand new!! I absolutely love it!!!!! And its only $9.95 for 12 oz.. you can get it in powder or liquid! A little bit of this stuff goes a long way!!
The 2nd one is the griddle.. Perfect for pancakes.. and cookies. Oh did I mention its oven safe too.. and the lids have hand cut pretties! The 3rd one is the 6 qt deep dish.. I love it just because it is so pretty with its curves and has a rack inside- so all the fat juice pulls away from your meat.. so your meat doesn't end up all soggy with fat and then its easier to get out and clean up. lol- I love this stuff!
The Princess Heritage Cake Plate. Just for Hostess's! Isn't it pretty! Its hand blown and has hand cut designs in it-Plus its real crystal! So it gives all your yummies a little shine!

The Meridian Collection!
I almost have the whole thing! YAY! First off the Cookbook holder! I believe this is my number one seller! And I know why! Its a must have for the Kitchen! 2nd is the Banana Tree -Only $24.95 and Also a Kitchen must! Keeps your Bananas firm, fresh and bruise free! So they last longer! 3rdly the 2-tiered basket! It make my fruit look so pretty! I love to display my fruit in this!! All of the Meridian is lacor coated- so its easy to clean and very Sturdy!

My Favorite yummies!!! Princess House has a all natural Specialty Food section! And its delicious! This one seems to be every ones favorite! My husband gives me so many compliments when I add even the ittiest bit to the chicken! I love this stuff! It goes a long way and is very comparable to Specialty stores!
The Del Mar! This is the last Catalog for it! :( It is part of the Pavilion.. so the stoneware is microwave safe, etc.. - I just think its fun!!
I love love love love this stuff... Bamboo!!! And am so so so sad that this will be the last catalog for it! Thank Goodness I own it already! lol! The Bamboo oil is not only a must have. If you don't have it.. and you have Bamboo- its a necessity in keeping and maintaining the life of your Bamboo! Just a little bit of this stuff makes knife marks start disappearing and brings your Bamboo back to looking like new! Its only $9.95! for 8 fl oz.. So if you have Bamboo.. call me! You need to order this! You wont regret it! I promise!!
The Home Organizer Basket! Great for Paper plates and plastic utensils to go in! And makes things so easy with how handy and organized it is! It's wicker design goes with everything! Plus its not your ordinary fall apart in a week wicker.. It is wrapped around metal- which keeps it from breaking. I love it!!!
Well there you have it! My Princess House Fav's!
If you are interested or falling in love like I have.. Then go to my website at www.princesshouse.com/BHamson To view all products click on Our Catalog on the left hand side. To see right now's Specials click on Customer Specials.
I am trying to put a party in by this Friday. So orders are very much welcome!


  1. Hi Breezy... I saw that the cake holder is part of the Princess House things. I went to the website and saw they had another one too. Unfortunately, we are on tight budget because we are in middle of buying a house ourselves. Although, maybe later this year, I would like to buy one. I make cakes for my husband all the time, it's his favorite dessert, but don't have anything to put the cake in. Looks like a great thing to keep a cake in! :o)

  2. Sara- Yes I love the cake plates.. they are so pretty! And keep cakes fresh and looking great! The one I didn't show also turns into a punch bowl. If ither one ever goes on sale I will let you know! And I tottally understand about the tight budget.. we ourselves our on one while Nate finishes school. :)