A bit about... whatever's on my mind. ;)

A bit about... whatever's on my mind.  ;)
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Friday, July 31, 2009


William and Richard

This may not be the best picture of them, but I love it!

-I dono why!... I'm there MOM!

They are just sooo cute! They are always cute, even when they are naughty.. How do they do that??

Well I thought I would share with you all, what my two troublesome cuties have been up to at home this summer...

1st pic-Learning about fireworks! William having fun with Sparkler time!! Look at him go!

2nd pic- Being uh.. silly.. uh ... The two of them.. they love to do this.. Dump out all the toys, out of the big buckets, place them on their heads and then run around the house crashing into things... uh.. yeah. lol! Its hilarious.. but kinda annoying at the same time.. Did I mention.. they dumped out all the toys to do this! And they crash into things!

1st pic-Playing pretend (or learning deception). William.. lol - He's pretending to be asleep.. yeah I think I know where he learned this one. lol!

2nd pic-The usual daily whines- out of the drama king Richard!

1st pic- Learning how to dress oneself!.."I think ya got enough undies on their buddy!"

2nd pic- Keeping up the skills! Always drawing something! :) Williams Duck!- As if you didn't know what it was! :) That's our boy!
1st pic- Outside time.. Richard- King of the ugly dirt pile in our backyard! :) .. Hopefully once we get our skirting done around the trailer.. that can disappear.. as we level the yard all out!- Don't worry, he'll find something else to rule.. I'm sure of it!

2nd pic- William loving on the horse, Buddy! :)

These two happen almost daily!

Well there ya have it!