A bit about... whatever's on my mind. ;)

A bit about... whatever's on my mind.  ;)
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So I have been wanting to let several people know how much I appreciate them and to say a little Thanks.....

Thank-you so much all of you who remembered my Birthday this year. I had a crazy April! And have felt kinda out of the loop since I moved here. So thank-you! It was so nice to get flowers, taken out, and little notes! Plus I really needed that with the moving! SO Thank-YOU! And a special thanks to: Amber!, Kelly!, Georgia! (Thanks for cleaning with me on OUR Birthday! Your Awesome!) and Mom!

You know how I was so on nerve in April, because of the move... Well Thank-you all those who helped with it! I know I was a little insane at times! So Thanks for putting up with me. Coming over and helping paint, watching the kiddos (so I could do all the moving stuff), cleaning with me, and moving heavy loads of odds and ends. Thank-you! - Thank-you Sean, Fred, Georgia!, Kelly, Mom, Dad, and Victor. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank-you so much all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thanks for those still helping and going to help with putting on a porch, skirting, hanging up towel racks and such, graveling and painting more. THANK-YOU!!

NOW A Great big thanks.. To My kiddos and especially My Husband Nathan... For Making this the best Mothers Day Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got to sleep in... well for having a two year old sleep in, breakfast in bed (With my favorite, Almond Poppy seed muffins!), Gorgeous flowers, a really cute card, cute little stuffed bear and a cd (I have been curious about)! But especially thank you for loving me and caring about my happiness, Nathan. : )