A bit about... whatever's on my mind. ;)

A bit about... whatever's on my mind.  ;)
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Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas at our Home!!

Christmas at our house Started 4 Sundays before the 25th, when we lit the first advent candle.

This is our non-traditional advent wreath.. next year I will do a more traditional one.

Then on the 5th Santa came and filled up the kids stockings, which really hit it off! By then all the decor was up and ready to go!!! Here's some pics of that fun filled morning of the 6th!

Richard was the first to see his stocking!Who would have guessed that Will's favorite stocking stuffer was a dolphin toothbrush! lol! He had to brush every toys teeth, every dogs teeth, cat, whatever... that well, now it is just a toy.. not for human use! lol

Christmas eve the kids, well William ( Richard fell asleep to early) got to open up one present.. their Christmas P.j.'s provided by Grammy Palmer.

It was fun this year... Will got Kongfu Panda ones and Rich Thomas the Train.. of cours!

lol! Very non-traditional! :)

Next morning... CHRISTMAS MORNING... the kids found gifts left for them! Not wrapped.. these our the special gifts you get right before we light the Christ Candle, to remember the gift God gave to us! Our Savior!

Then Nate's Parents came over and we at Breakfast and opened up more presents then I have ever seen on Christmas morning!

We had a secret Santa this year, who more then doubled our gifts under the Tree. Thank-you whoever you are!!! You made Christmas this year for us!!

Will's unwrapped gifts!! He was so excited to see Jay Jay the Jet Plane stuff, cars and Panda!

Richard of Cours' got more Thomas the Train... he's a little obsessed, we know! :)

And well I forgot to get my Camera out for the rest.. it was all too exciting!!

Hope you all had just as Merry as a Christmas as we did! Lots of Love to all!!!