A bit about... whatever's on my mind. ;)

A bit about... whatever's on my mind.  ;)
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Friday, December 19, 2014

BitterSweet Endings.. the learning kind

I had one of those bittersweet moments as this past fall semester came to an end.  I was so glad to see the finish line, yet somehow sad that I would have no more hours in the dark room, no more pouring over essays...
This past fall semester was pure beautiful torture! - The only torture that comes with lots of growth.  I became clearer in my focus, became more patient, and became more unpretentious.
My schedule included Black and White Darkroom Photography, Technical Communication, and Intro to Psychology.
I had some pretty huge awakenings right off.  The number one thing being that I had much to learn. (Go figure!)  Working as a professional photographer for Sears for a few years I walked into this film classroom thinking it was going to be my easiest class.. a breeze!  I couldn't have been more wrong!  -Though I will miss all those hours in the darkroom,. joking and working on assignments with some amazing photographers who like myself were about to pull out all of their own hair if they had to do one more test strip!  -Though I once again found love in creating a picture and let me tell you.. I still have much to learn.

Now for some pics from this past semester's photo processing adventure:
Developing the film
Picking out a negative to print from.
Final prints.  

(I plan to post a new photo portfolio to my fb soon)

Although the rest of my classes did not tempt me to pull my hair.. they still made me grow...
Technical Communication tested my ability to write without emotion, yet to still keep peoples attention.  I found myself reading over my own work and my mind just locking up and shutting down!  It was truly a struggle.. Being ADD it really took some effort for me to complete each informational assignment.  I learned a lot however and now am much more conscious when putting my thoughts down on paper and when expressing myself verbally.
Introduction to Psychology was my fun class.  Yes, I said fun.. (who would have known?.)  it was just pure enjoyment for me.  I have always had a passion for understanding us humans.  - I also got really good at color coding my notes.  Which made studying for those awful trick quiz questions much easier.
The struggle I had in each class was worth it though.. I ended with Straight A's and am looking forward to more struggles next semester.  I am shocked.. but I am loving school.