A bit about... whatever's on my mind. ;)

A bit about... whatever's on my mind.  ;)
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Newly Wedded, and the story behind it...

As most of you know I am once again a Newly Wed! And as most of you know.. That was out of plan! I have been informed several times.. that I have a lot of explaining to do! Since this was such a fast and unexpected move. I apologize! I know this is long over due for most of you!!

After my Divorce with Nathan I had no interest in jumping in or even sliding into a relationship... At least not for a year.. I wanted to take a year off!... Re-build myself and keep things as simple as a single working mother can. And I most certainly wasn't planning on getting married!! ...I thought maybe when Will's in High School, I'll finally find someone. I thought it was going to take a lot of searching and heart aches... Stuff I didn't even want to glance at yet. Dating, getting married, wasn't something in my plans!

Well as usual, my plans didn't mean a thing!
I met Josh working at Sears during June sometime, I think.. I can't even pin a date... cause well.. I wasn't really looking and didn't care! - At the time I didn't care anyways.
This smart ass, nice looking man would come into my work, and well.. flirt. He always made me laugh and left me with a smile. My Co-workers noticed something right off, that neither one of us did. After he would leave..my boss.. being the way she is.. would look him up and down.. very obviously, then look at me, and say some comment like "uh huh!" - Okay that's not all she would say, but I'm not about to post it here.. you can just imagine.. and most likely everything you imagine.. happened! -Then one day while he was flirting and keeping me from my work, he asked me for my cell number so he could send me a pic.. a pic he had took of.. me. And as they say.. the rest is history. ; )

We texted morning and night till I asked him one day if he was just strictly a texter or did he ever call anyone..and well with in a minute we were talking on the phone morning and night.
I forgot to mention.. that same day he asked for my number, we were talking about smoke alarms. (Josh is a volunteer fire fighter.) I mentioned that I didn't have any.. kind of a stretch on my part.. I have two.. just didn't think they worked.. I mean when flames were coming out of the oven.. they never went off! so in my mind.. I didn't have any! -So Him being the concerned fire fighter he is, bought me some, I thanked him and then said.. "who's going to install them?" (I mean I dono how!)... well he being the good concerned fire fighter he is, volunteered! -Once he arrived at my house.. he realized I did have smoke alarms. I had two, I just hadn't turned them on!.. So he informed me that I had tricked him into coming over! -WHAT!, not me!... (Good trick, don't ya think?? Got a sexy fireman over to my house! )Well needless to say, we fell in love...

Our first and well.. only date, we spent in Durango! .. I did the asking,.. if your wondering. ;) We went to the honey farm, caving, over to the Hot springs, and out for pizza that night!.. Made a full day of it!! And well that's the day we both realized,.. that we really loved each other! : )

I am a very picky woman thou.. and didn't want to be with someone who didn't match up to my list... Yes I just said I had a list!! Still do! He better always be matching up to it!! (Got that hun!?! ) ;)
Anyways.. One night after going over my list.. it just hit me! Why the heck wait!?!.. I can check mark pretty much 90% of my list off! (the whole he'd have to be a member of my church questions to answer, were the only ones I couldn't, and that could be fixed!) I love him! He is what I want! And waiting would only mean less time together and well money would be wasted! (with having to pay for separate houses and all).. so after church one beautiful afternoon.. I proposed! -It went something like this...(not exactly the proposal I had in mind thou..lol)...

Me- "You love me, right?"
Josh- "I do"
Me- "And I love you. We'd save a lot of money if you move in, you wanna move in?"
Josh- "UmmHmm"
Me- "Well there'd be a catch .. you can't move in, unless you marry me.?."
Josh- "K"
Me- "You mean you'll marry me?"
Josh - "Yes."

And there you have it! lol!! Classic huh!?! lol!!

We were married exactly 7 days later!! :)

Friday, May 7, 2010


I love the ZOO! This past week My Mom and I took the Boys!
(And Yes the Baby Elephant is sniffing poo!)

Richard well, was Richard, very active.. and wanting to run run run.. thru every exhibit! Until he saw a Train... This boy is Obsessed!

I love how they have Peacocks that just roam the place. Its so fun! And Here is a picture of William with a Dragon! He was very excited! (its a statue- we did see live ones as well!)

If anyone knows me, they know I love Monkey/Apes! I thought this stain glass window of this one was gorgeous!
Here is the 3 of us in front of the seals!

My little poser... and Richard right before I locked him up in his stroller!

I love this pic!
Here's our train ride!

Richard on the train! This totally made his day! (and that's chocolate all over his face.)
Loved this pic of the main male Gorilla! He looks Serious!

I think they were trying to ignore us! lol! I love the ZOO!


Okay, So one night while me and the boys where watching a movie.. I noticed how long William's hair was getting.. and mentioned to him that I thought it was time for a hair cut. He told me "NO". And then I just mentioned how I wished he would let us cut his hair. - That was it.

Well later on in the movie.. I realized William had left the room, the bathroom light was on.. so I figured he was going, but time passed.. and he never came out.. so I went to check it out...

When I saw what he did.. - and he saw my face's reaction.....he started crying. I called my mom.. ( I needed to buz it.. and didn't have a buzzer) She hurried over.
We convinced him we could fix it.. and TaDa!!! I have a handsome, short short haired boy! :)

Monday, May 3, 2010


Got a raise. Not big enough! Did get a Bonus though.. and an offer to move to a different location and get a better position, with a higher pay. --Turned it down.

Besides the fact I don't really want to live any place that has even more dirt than here! Who's gonna babysit?!?!?

Would it be that big of a paycheck, if I was giving 1/2 of it away to a babysitter... I don't even know! I Don't Think So!

I am feeling a bit melancholy over this whole thing! I could use that money! --Dangit!

My job here won't be giving any more pay raises for a while either... ugh!!

The frustration of being an adult has soo kicked in!

Friday, April 2, 2010


First Off, you need the proper music to read this with. So please click play on the youtube video below. ;)

Okay now we can start.... (I know, I know.. I'm a dork! lol! ;) )
LASIK! - Yes that's right.. I had my eyes cut opened, cut up, and lasered! :) And it was great! Didn't feel a thing.. hardly. I mean I did feel something touching my eyes.. it was all good though. Pretty painless! Cost a bundle though!.. But totally worth it!
I did have one problem though... On my right eye.. the small flap of skin, (or whatever they cut around and lift up) well it didn't lay back down flat. So they had to push it down the next morning and put this clear contact band-aid thing on that eye...so that eye was in a bit of pain off and on.. but thanks to the numbing drops it was all totally doable!
I could see 15 with my left eye when I left the building! And things were just getting clearer as the minutes went by! But my right eye not so good.. I had a band-aid on it though.. so it was a bit blurry.. it isn't coming out as clear as the left eye though.. but I can see! Came out far better than its ever been! There still is some swelling going on though, in that eye. So hopefully when that all goes away, my vision will be clear! And well.. if its not, most likely they will do a Totally FREE enhancement on that one.. so it will all be CLEAR! -It's already so clear though!.. I can't believe I'm not wearing contacts.
So far each night.. I feel like.. I can't go to bed.. because I can see.. I keep thinking I forgot to take my contacts out.. but then I remember.. wait I don't have contacts!!! A feeling of total ecstaticness comes over me And then.. my eyes get all watery! I am just so grateful, this is such a blessing..its a miracle!!! For the first time in my life I can SEE! Really SEE! See the fine print even on the labels of my eye drops! At a arms length out distance! ITS AMAZING! So my right eye may not be perfect yet.. but it's pretty close!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Already Gone.

I have posted before about songs that I feel.. know me. Although this songs lyrics are not exactly all accurate (some lyrics are opposite while others are dead on) to my situation and how I feel.. I too feel this one knows me. Or perhaps I know it. I can relate. I more then understand. I know.

To listen with out my other music blaring in the background.. just scroll down before you push play on this video.. and pause "Music I like".

The video itself.. is nothing like how I would portray the song. But still its pretty creative.

Any day now the judge will send Nathan and I back the papers signed. Divorce will be final. A single mother I will be. Although this is a hard road to take. It is the right road. And Nathan, I wish the best for him! I am so grateful for the good times we shared. And am even more grateful we are able to let each other go.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hide and.... SEEK!

Richard has always loved tight places..His own little cubby holes. Places only he can fit in and have complete solitude. So often, I have found him fast asleep in little corners of the house... or in houses made out of pillows and blankets, him and his brother had made.

When putting away groceries.. he usually tries to find a spot in the cupboards to sit.

I know once I even blogged about how we thought we had lost him.. and then found him asleep under his toy bucket!
- But this... this Spot so far tops them all!!
Thank-goodness I herd him, he hadn't fallen asleep yet, and was talking to himself..or I never would have found him.. Though I am getting pretty good at playing Hide and SEEK! - Well I've gotten better at the Seeking part, any how.
See if small suffocating places are involved...he doesn't even mind brotherly torture.... He Seems to be so excited to get put in a cooler and have the door shut on him!
-Yep, once the door would be shut, he would just giggle and giggle!
He totally didn't understand when I took the cooler away. --"Gosh moms always spoiling the fun!"- -Although they didn't say that.. I am sure they both were thinking it! Kids!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


SNOW is Fun, Cold, Dangerous, Beautiful!

Our SnowMan!
Our Snow Cave!
A Goofy pic of me about to be hit by a Snow ball! lol- I look so funny here!
Throwing a Snow Ball!- Yes, I throw like a girl!
William.. so evil here! Ah Ha Ha HA!
Richard's Broken arm! I told you Snow was Dangerous! Isn't his sling cool?!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sharp Tooth!!

Last Wednesday we went to the Children's museum. They have a new Robot exhibit.. but my kids weren't too interested in that.
For Christmas the kids got two Land Before Time movies from their Aunt Casey... and well, have been kinda attached to anything dino like since! So it was no surprise that they spotted all the dino stuff in the Gift shop, right away! William was so excited when he found an Egg... Just like in one of the movies... Were a Sharp Tooth is hatched from.
He held it up to me and told me he wanted a Sharp Tooth. I told him he was crazy and that it would bite his head off.. He just laughed at me. ;)
It was a surprise egg though.. It could be one of 4 different types of Dinosaurs; a Sharp Tooth, a Swimmer, a Spike tail, or a Long Neck.
I thought what the heck it will be fun hatching it. So we spent the 5 bucks and headed home.
All the way home he was talking about his Sharp Tooth...and would get so upset if you even mentioned it could be something else.. Like a Swimmer maybe... He would throw his hands up and so "oooh.. NO! a Sharp Tooth!"
Once we got home we placed the egg in some water, just like the directions said.. they also said to wait abt 72 hours for it to hatch.
So it was kind of a Surprise when it started hatching the very next morning. And well I was getting kinda worried what William would say because it looked like it wasn't going to be a Sharp Tooth. And he had definitely made up his mind, that that's, what it was.
Finally I told him how worried I was if it was a Sharp Tooth... It would EAT us!! You could tell he was getting kinda worried after that.. He left the table where it was for quite a while.. then came back and said.. in a matter of fact tone... "It's a Swimmer!"
Well it wasn't a Swimmer but I don't think he could care less.. He was so excited to see a Spike Tail!
I was just thinking..we still get attached to the things we hatched.. even when we thought they were going to be, well.. Female. lol! :) That's parenting. I love my little Boys!! :)

Fresh Milk!!

So one of my Dad's cows had a calf!!

Isn't she beautiful!!
But that's not the best part.. the best part is... MILK!
Fresh Cows Milk!

We are so spoiled!
Cream, Cheese, Ice-cream!...
Thanks Mom and Dad for sharing the goodness!

Their are benefits for living so close. lol :)